Ginger Molasses Cookies

ginger molasses cookies

Hi beautiful peoples!

Sending everyone virtual high fives— we are almost outta quarantineeeeeee! 

Today I have a Ginger Molasses Cookie Recipe for ya! This is one that takes me RIIIIGHT back to the beautiful white sugar, wheat flour delights that I grew up with. Naturally, I had to make this one up with my mama! Free of grains + refined sugars, this tastes JUST like my kidhood cookies. My mama said I probably shouldn’t add chocolate chips, buttttt I may drizzle my personal ones with some dark choco… I CAN’T RESIST. 


Anyways, these are normally “wintery” cookies, but they are JAMMM packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all the goods to boost immune systems and make you feel more at home in this coldhotcoldhotcoldcoldcold weather.

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1 c grassfed softened butter*

1/2c softened unrefined coconut oil*

1 c maple syrup*

1/2 c molasses*

1/2 c honey*

1 tsp vanilla*

2 eggs*

1 1/2 TBLS raw, grated ginger*

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3 c almond flour*

1/4 c grassfed collagen*

1 tsp himalayan salt*

3 tsp baking soda*

1/2 c coconut flour*

2 tsp cinnamon*

1 tsp ginger*

3/4 c arrowroot*

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  1. Mix all dry ingredients together in one bowl. 
  2. Mix all wet ingredients in another, bigger bowl. 
  3. incorporate all ingredients together. 
  4. chill for several hours; better overnight. 
  5. take 1-2 tablespoons dough and roll in Truvia/Stevia. 
  6. bake at 350 for 10-15 mins. 
  7. you will know they are ready when the cookie begins to crack on top
  8. they will burn easily— be careful! check on them at 10 mins. 
  9. Let cool on sheet for 5-10 mins then transfer to cooling rack or mouth. 


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