Hi friends!

Chlo and Ally here. We are writing today on a subject we feel passionate about: WELLNESS.

There seems to be a misconception about wellness, especially in the industry today. Every product seems to be marketed to be the next best thing, something that will change your life in an instant. Oh, and guess what? Attached to it is a big fat price tag. Don’t get me wrong, supplementing and food really can change your life for the better. But wellness is so much more than that! We need to remember that everything we have our hands in, may not be accessible to everyone—maybe that working mom can’t fit exercise into her life in this season, and she would rather spend time with her kids than at the gym. Guys, there are still FOOD DESERTS in America. We are so blessed to be in the area we live in, and to have access to the things we do. But, it’s time for a reality check, and some encouragement for you and to pass on to others! 

Here are some tips that we have discovered recently to be very helpful:

  1. Educate yourself and find out how you can help others. Donating food to local food banks, helping prepare meals or if there is another skill you have, try to implement it in helping those around you—in kind and nonjudgmental ways.
  2. The library has free wifi/books— this is a wonderful way to learn more about a healthy lifestyle and start from the basics without getting caught up in the fads. Greens will always be good for you, be they organic or not. 
  3. On the “greens” note, look up local food pantries, farmers markets, community gardens or even your friend’s garden (or plant your own if possible— super cheap way to get lots of good veggies in). These places have free or lower priced produce for you and your family. Also, stay hydrated. Lots of places will fill a water bottle for free, or you can get free cases at your local food pantry. 
  4. Use the outdoors (outside=stress reducer) or your living room (if you so choose!) to get exercise in, if that is a priority for you. To be honest, I will push kids trucks around with my three year old to some music for awhile and that is a GLUTE burnerrrrr. Dance parties solve a whole lot of problems! Stay hydrated (lots of places will fill a water bottle for free)
  5. Be kind to yourself and others. 

5 steps

Your worth does not lessen based on how much you have— be it a lot or not much at all! Choosing better for yourself is a process, and it can change with the seasons of life. It is about doing your best with what you have! This is not a fear-based choice, but one made out of love and knowledge. Let’s assume everyone is doing their best, and if they ask for help, don’t hesitate to step up. We all have something to offer. 

your worth does not lessen based on how much you have