Coming soon: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Local chocolate maker Immortal Mountain will drop by the store this weekend for a yummy demo of vegan chocolate.

Owner Drew is scheduled to be here Saturday from noon-2 p.m. to hand out some samples of his handmade treats. A few products in Immortal Mountain’s lineup:Immortal Mountain Chocolate

— Neroli Grove Raw Cacao: Orange dark chocolate with honey, orange peel, and neroli orange blossom oil

— Black Flower Raw Cacao: Dark chocolate with honey, bee pollen, maca, lucuma, jasmine, and passion flower

— First Frost Vegan Cacao: Mint dark chocolate with peppermint, maple sugar, and vanilla

We’ll have plenty of Immortal Mountain chocolates here in the store for purchase.

We don’t know about you, but our mouth is already watering.