Our History

For Goodness Sake goes back to the 1970s, when it was located in nearby Great Falls, Va. Back then, health stores weren’t the industry they are today — but they did exist.

“Not necessarily organic, that really wasn’t the thing,” says Valley Bennett, our store owner. “But really that granola-type outlook was really what the health food stores were like back in the 1970s.”

Valley’s mom Sue purchased the store in 1980. Five years later, she relocated it to Leesburg, hoping the little town with a rich history would be a good place for her small shop.FGS storefront

“She was right. Market Station was built in 1985, we were one of the first tenants here,” Valley says.

Fast-forward a couple decades to 2009, when Valley, who had been working at the store for years at that point, bought the business from her mom.

A year later, we packed up and moved one more time, but only about 30 feet away! For Goodness Sake has been at its current spot, at the far end of Market Station, ever since.

“After college I came back and started managing the store,” Valley says. “I felt a need to learn how to go through the process of buying a business, having a business, that’s an important thing for people to learn.”

Valley decided to relocate the store in order to be more competitive and to have more space, a decision that has paid off — “Our business has grown every year,” she says.

We’ve evolved from stocking lots of food products to adding supplements to the list of products we offer. Today, we’ve got a good mix of food, supplements, and accessory-type items like plants and even jewelry.FGS-interior-2

Grocery items, however, make up the bulk of what we sell.

“We have more food in here than supplements. And that’s really the important thing now, is providing food and teaching people how to eat so they can be healthier,” Valley says. “Not necessarily just taking pills, even though the companies we carry supplement-wise are very wholesome.”

That’s our story.