Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

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Happy Friday before Thanksgiving, FGS Fam!

We will have local turkeys, local pie (GF and regular) and HOMEMADE bread on Turkey Tuesday next week. Not to mention raffles, good company, and some (if not all!) of the ingredients needed to make these tasty and beautiful sides below.

I have compiled a small list for you of nutritious and delicious Thanksgiving sides (that’s what most of us are here for, anyway!) that are made with whole foods, and can be modified to fit your dietary needs. I LOVE Thanksgiving, I love gratitude, I love food and I LOVE LOVE. It is such a gift that even though we are all still struggling with a global pandemic, that the leaves continue to change, the weather still gets cold, and Thanksgiving still comes. It is a blessing to be able to reflect on the past year and truly say “yes, I am grateful for the hardships because it only made me stronger, more compassionate, more readily available for others.” I found that I was really able to get down to the nitty gritty of what was most important to me.

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CRANBERRY SAUCE: Let’s kick this off with some FAB Cranberry Sauce! Cranberries host a world of benefits and they are in season right now, which means we really should be getting the maximum nutrition content. HOORAY! This is one of my absolute favorite sides. Can’t say I love white sugar in mine though—kind of takes away from the beauty of the cranberries, which can be highlighted much better through an unrefined sweetener. So, here you have it! ! A gorgeous side that is nourishing in all the ways it should be, from Against All Grain.


SWEET POTATOES: Also in season! How great is that?! Stop by FGS and check out our beautiful and organic sweet potatoes. Here is a very simple recipe  (from Food52) for roasting them with *butter.* Can I get an Amen?! SO good. Butter makes everything better, including your gut lining! Say hello to better digestion and less leakage. These sweet potatoes can be topped with anything you like, but I may just stick to salt and pepper…


CORNBREAD: This can be made with the amazing, real deal ingredients our grandmothers used to bake with, and it can actually be made completely grain free. You can choose what works best for your body! The recipe I included here from Dani Spies of Clean and Delicious is able to be made gluten free as well. The other recipe still sticks to fabulous whole food ingredients, but does not use any actual corn at all in the recipe. Maybe do a combo if you are feeling it?! It might just turn out to be your best cornbread yet!


SALAD: A good refreshing salad can just lighten the whole carb intake exponentially. I actually looks so forward to some beautiful green veg at Thanksgiving. This will also aid in digestion (meaning, you hopefully won’t be stopped up the next day), hydration (which is still especially important as we tend to be drinking a bit more, it is colder so we aren’t as focused on hydrating) and it also can work as a palate cleanser! I have linked a gorgeous and light salad (so it doesn’t take up too much room in your stomach haha!) That will absolutely look and taste beautiful. 


PIE: Last but MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST! Fruit pies and squash pies abound this time of year, but if you are a chocolate lover like me, THIS pie is the one for you.  This is always a hit, and I will be making a bit extra this year to make sure we actually *have* some leftovers. 


Enjoy peeking at all the recipes, friends and let us know if you make any. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and we look forward to seeing you on our Annual Turkey Tuesday! We are so grateful for you! 


Written and graphics by Chloë Sherrod; INHC, CF-L1