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I figured your timelines were riddled with squash this, pumpkin that, maybe even gingerbread…(this season really is F L Y I N G), so I was thinking, perhaps a taco recipe would be a nice change of pace? Perfect for an easy and delicious lunch, or can even be dressed up a little with the herbs to make a *nice* dinner! 

Herbs provide a whole host of benefits, and combined with the peppery arugula, lemon, and runny pasture raised eggs: *cue droooool.* The flavors in these little guys are next level, and while I kept this recipe mostly paleo (omit goat chèvre if keeping strict paleo), you can use any tortillas you like—I really enjoy the Almond Flour ones from Siete. These tacos are a take on a deconstructed fritatta in taco form. Thus, Frittacos. Add more veggies if you so desire, but this baby is loaded and filling. 

Enjoy and tag @fgs_leesburg in your remakes!

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+4 pasture raised eggs

+1 tbls fresh chives

+2 tbls parsley

+1 avocado

+1/2 lemon

+1 tbls olive oil

+2 C arugula 

+goat chevre or cheese of choice

+salt to taste

+4 paleo tortillas

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+preheat oven to 350

+*POACHED EGGS*:fill a small saucepan with water about 3/4 of the way and bring to boil. when water is boiling, slowly add eggs, and reduce heat to low. cook for about 3 mins for runny yolk.

+dice herbs, avocado and slice tomatoes thinly while water heats.

+once eggs are in water, drape tortillas over racks in the oven. they will become a taco shell in about 3-5 mins—watch closely!

+crumble goat cheese and arrange all toppings neatly and nicely so people can build their own if they would like, or just so that it looks pretty! (we eat first with our eyes!)

+when eggs are poached, remove from water immediately and place on paper towel on plate.

+dress arugula with lemon, salt, olive oil

+begin assembling! 

+arugula at bottom

+add egg on top, then tomatoes, avocado and goat chèvre.

+herbs next! 

+pinch of salt, and then a squeeze of extra lemon if you’d like!

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Let us know what you think or if there are any recipes you would like to see “healthified!” 


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