Each Flower is Different…

each flower is different

Hey, everyone! How are you all?!

Wanted to chat a bit about something that is near and
dear to my heart, and challenge you a little bit.
Do you ever take time to be creative?
If not, why? If so, what is the impact on your mental//
physical// emotional health?

So often people say, “I’m not creative” or “I’m no artist”,
but can make a fabulous dinner for their family from
scratch, can organize anything anywhere, or just help
their little ones understand that each flower is different,
just as people are. Even if one is not *actively* creative
per se, each of us has a unique gift in the form of

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I would love to encourage each of you to pursue that! I
love to write— workouts, recipes (even if they are not
perfect!), or ideas. Spend just a few minutes a day
assessing where you may excel creatively. For
example: it may be in how you dress, how you speak,
how you garden, how you build, how you lead, or how
you see the world! Once you understand where it is you
love to express, use those same minutes to put
towards that. It is so refreshing to think outside the
box— and empowering to remember//learn that you

Think you already know where you express best? Try
something new! I didn’t know I loved baking and
decorating cakes until I tried. Sounds silly, but
whenever someone gets a handmade, hand decorated
cake from a friend, I can pretty much guarantee they
are touched! Not patting myself on the back, but want
to share what a blessing it is not only for yourself to tap
into these gifts, but for others as well.

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Fam, it is SO fun to explore different ways to extract
your talents. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious artistic
gifts (though those are great too!) but continue pushing
the envelope.

As we head into fall, this is a *peachy* (see what I did
there-those are in season!) to start a small fresh habit
for yourself! Or several! Stop in at FGS and we will help
you find the ingredients for that pie you wanted to
make, or pot roast or whatever it may be. We love
pouring into our customers, so feel free to ask our

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

FGS Staff
Written by Chloë Sherrod

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