Chickpea Salad

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Hoping everyone is crushing goals and choosing joy! No better time to be educated than now. Have you learned anything interesting recently? Let us know in the comments on the Instagram or Facebook post of this recipe. 

This recipe is actually a gift from one of our long-time customers—Blythe Pidek! You will know Blythe by her darling daughters, her awesome sense of style and confidence in the way she carries herself. We were visiting with her when she first introduced me to this simple and delicious lunch—Chickpea Salad! Flavored with the sharpness of fresh lemon juice, and brightness from parsley, this is a dish you will want to prep and eat throughout the week!! 

Chickpeas tend to be a bit of a blank slate, but it makes them so versatile for picking up the flavors you want to pair with them. Plus, their texture is wonderful. Have you all ever seen the dessert hummus in the store? Seems bizarre, but you know what? People really enjoy them! I have never been brave enough to try them yet…Have you tried one? If so, what is your favorite flavor? 

When making this, you will want to have some reaalllllyyy good toasted bread with olive oil or something, and/or your favorite salad (arugula and spring mix would be great!) to go with the Chickpea Salad. Oh! Try adding teeny, diced pickles too—YUM. 

So vegan friends, this is not vegan, howeverrrrr, easily can be made so with Vegenaise— a vegan mayo (Blythe uses this at home!). Paleo friends, this one is not for you—sorry guys! I-eat-mostly-paleo-but-like-to-branch-out friends— try this one and see what you think! 

Dice your onion, pickle(if using) and chop your parsley beforehand. Drain and rinse your chickpeas, and dump into a medium mixing bowl. Begin to mash into a chunky texture with a potato masher. Add the lemon, mash a little more. Add parsley, and other mix-ins. Stir, and then incorporate the mayo, mustard and seasonings. Taste before and adjust if needed. Serve, garnished with fresh parsley. (Now would be the time to toast the bread so that it is still slightly warm when you smother it in this goodness!) 


See graphics for full ingredients list. Enjoy, everyone! Let me know what you think, and if you leveled this up in any way!! 


Best and be well, 

Your FGS Fam


Written by Chloë Sherrod INHC, CF-L1