Summer Essentials

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Hi everyone!


We hope you all are doing well. It is important to keep your head up during this time, continue to walk in Love, continue to educate yourself and others, continue to hold the space for those who may desperately need some extra lovin’ right now. 


We first wanted to wish all of the FGS papas: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! We see you wanting better health for your families, for doing the shopping for mama, and for coming through for yourselves so that you can be the best dad you can be! We love you! 


Today, we delve into some *summer essentials*, since it is right around the corner! 

Also side tip: even though some pools may not be open, the hose is A BEST FRIEND right now! Amazon has some super fun blow up sprinkler animals and fruits and all kinds of fun stuff which is perfect for cooling off the littles. And you can hook them up to your hose! 



+Sunscreeeen! FGS has a great variety of sunscreens, all non-nano and reef safe (and even one with a lil tanner in it, give ya some subtle sparkle!) The best time to put on sunscreen is about 15 minutes after you have been in the sun, and that number goes up the more melanin you have in your skin. For example, I should put it on about 20- 30 minutes after being outside, my children are half black, so I don’t do it for them for about an hour or so, and my husband who is a darker brown doesn’t need to put it on for hours. Waiting to put on sunscreen allows your body AMPLE time to get the vitamin D it needs that it can naturally get from the sun. 

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+Bug Spray! Fam, this is an essential. We did not get an amazing deep freeze this winter, and let me tell ya, the ticks are alive and well. FGS has amazing bug spray made from essential oils and water, and they smell soo goooood. If you want to make your own, we have essential oils, glass bottles, and can get little spray tops if we are out. 


+Highlighter! I don’t know about you, but I love a good glow. My skin just *lights* up with this gorgeous and skin healing highlighter we carry by cocokind. It is moisturizing, buildable, and oh so sparkley. Try a teeny bit all over your skin, or use them for a POP of gorgeous accentuation. We have bronze, rose, and gold. 

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+Mindset! Be encouraged to accept yourself in all seasons— there is a lot of “beach body” talk around this time, and I just encourage you to continue to do what is best for YOUR body and your brain. That may look totally different from what someone else is doing, it may look totally different than what you are doing right now! That is great! Let’s grow through this wonderful summertime in love for ourselves and others.


+Learn! Learn or do something new this summer! Even if it is small— cook something you’ve never cooked before, host your first barbecue, braid your hair, or make some seriously delicious homemade raspberry limeade ( I will do a recipe for one if y’all are into it!) 


+Gratitude! Keep a little fridge or phone list of something new to be grateful for every day! 
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+Fat! Get in some good saturated fats, guys! Vitamin D is being produced by your body in that delicious sunshine, so continue to support that process with fish oil, olive oil, avocado, etc for your joints! Especially since they may be getting some extra work with all this beautiful weather! 


+Fresh Produce! TIME TO EAT SOME SEASONAL DELIGHTSSSSS. I LOVE a good salad and now is the perfect time to cram it in and load up on the goods! Fresh berries, salad greens, goat cheese, sunflower seeds and a beautiful light balsamic dressing. TO DIE FOR. I love it! We need all of these nutrients so much and they will only continue to fuel our summer fun and clarity of mind. Shop local and let’s help our farmer fam out! 


+Drink! Water, lemonade, fresh juice, water, water, water. Staying hydrated is extra especially important right now. We lose water like nobody’s business in the summer, and we must replenish those minerals! Make a fresh juice in the morning (tip: blend all things you want to use with water if you don’t have a juicer. This also allows the fiber to STAY in the veggies and fruits, aka easily to digest, no sugar crash, and extra nutrients. )


Thanks for reading, everyone! Have an amazing summer and stay tuned for all the fun and delicious things we have coming your way!


Love from all your FGS fam! 


Written by Chloë Sherrod