5 DIY Ideas!

5 super fun DIYS 1

Hey FGS friends!


We are excited to share some fun quarantine crafty activities with you all today!

Some are a little more adventurous than others (but it just be just what you are looking for!) and others are things you may want to do LITERALLY RIGHT NOWWWW..

5 super fun DIYS. 2

  1. DIY SCRUNCHIE: I’m not sure about you all, but I definitely hopped back on the ole scrunch train, there is no shame in my game. I have even been known to wear one and accessorize with another on my wrist. Don’t judge me. Anyway, here is a really cute DIY from the lovely ladies of A Beautiful Mess blog , which, when you’re done making your scrunchies, you should really take a deep dive into. It is SUCH a gorgeous blog with lots of fun decor ideas. PS, they have a whole tab at the top just labeled “Crafts.” 
  2. BUDGET KITCHEN MAKEOVER: Okay, friends, stay with me. This just looks like SO much fun. If I owned my own place, I would one thousand percent jump on this band wagon. Just check out her beautiful pictures and see if it doesn’t inspire just a corner of your kitchen! This piece is actually written, photographed, and the kitchen of a local friend : Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something! So cool. Also, one of my fave parts: HER BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERS. Speaking my at-home-cooking-all-the-meals language.
  3. DIY SMALL SPACE ORGANIZATION: If a kitchen seems like a bit of a stretch in this season ( I totally get it ), try this other fun idea from Rebecca of A Daily Something!! Anytime there is organizing involved I want in. Mostly. Sometimes I prefer a nap. HOWEVER, this cutie idea will energize you in those afternoon hours, plus it is very rewarding to make something for your home that serves a purpose. Maybe even try painting this little guy in a neutral color and adding some dried flowers in with the tools! 


  • COOKIES: Soooo…y’all know at FGS we are big on balance. Eat all the nourishing things, exercise more, stress less, drink water, but also: indulge sometimes! These cookies  are not gluten or grain free (though they can be made gluten free…maybe experiment with the grain free!), they have a refined sugar (sub our sucanat or coconut sugar if you prefer)! However, they look like they are made with a wholeee lotta love. Ambitious Kitchen not only has a beautiful website but they are CHOCK full of the goods. Their recipes range from the classic (wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, etc) to paleo, or *almost* paleo. They have a myriad of beautiful recipes for all dietary needs. Definitely worth checking out if you are running out of dinner ideas…heyyy quarantine. 
  • BRUNCH CHARCUTERIE BOARDS: Ohhhhhhh, man. When I saw this trend , I was STOKED. First of all, I love brunch. I think many of us do, but I hold a special place for it in my heart because it is the way we celebrate many holidays in my family! Think: beautiful egg bakes with *fancy* vegetables, fruit salads with herbs and citrus, perfect asparagus and PALEO SCONESSSS. Guys, we could have a field day with this! Switching up your routine is great for your brain and kids would have a ball getting to help their parents in the kitchen and then building their own plates. Everyone could have a clean up dance party and let me tell ya mamas, after that, you’re already at NAPTIME. WAHOOOO! Quarantine Brunch Boards for the wiiiiin. The link above will show you how to set up the boards, but if you all are looking for any pancake or *egg bake* recipes dm @chloe_sherrod and I will hook you up! 



That’s all for now, folks!

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Sending love to all!

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