The New Self Care

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By now, we are all in a deep awareness that what we are feeling is grief.

Grief for how things were.
Grief for how things might have been.
Grief for those we are losing.
The list goes on. Energetically – we feel it. All of us are feeling, emotional, energetic humans – and we are all processing through a global state of grief.
Having just passed through some deep grief – and to say pass through – well, I don’t think I’m done yet – with losing my father in September – I’m no stranger to this visceral feeling we are experiencing.
I’m writing to share with you today – some tips that help move grief through the body energetically with some simple daily tips that you can do. Not only are they helpful now, but they are helpful – always – and by always I mean, they should be part of your daily, weekly, monthly routine – for intermittent self-care; so we don’t move into a self-care crisis on the regular.
Here are my 3 tips (for today) that are simple and easy to follow and will make you feel great – even if, for 1 day.
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– Dry Brushing – the top benefits of dry brushing are are:
  1. Removes dead skin for a fresh glow
  2. Stimulates the lymphatic system
  3. Rejuvenates the nervous system
  4. Accelerates toxin elimination
  5. Improves circulation
  6. Exfoliates and invigorates skin
  7. Can smooth cellulite
During this time – we are primarily concerned with 2 – 5. But honestly – the others are great side effects!! I love to pair doTerra – Slim and Sassy blend along with a carrier oil to my skin first to aid in the toxin cleansing and lymphatic flush. (You can use any oil you would like)
There are numerous blogs and tutorial on how to dry brush out there – here are some simple instructions:
– After your shower, massage oils on body
– Start at feet – 10 strokes up lower leg to knee; 10 strokes up back of leg to knee – move up to the knee to hip (repeat) – then hip to heart (front and back) – Then raise arm – brush 10x hand to heart. Repeat this on the 2nd side of the body.
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– Drink your WATER! But like – TRIPLE what you normally drink. I also like to add doTerra citrus oils (lemon, clementine, grapefruit – any really) to my water 1 drop each 16oz bottle or just 1x per day. This not only helps to stimulate your digestive system – it’s also energizing, hydrating and will support your overall mood.
Last and final tip!!
– Warm water with cayenne pepepr and lemon – each morning before you put anything else into your system, wake it up; warm it up. Get things moving And combats anxious out of balance feelings! This is also important right now as we are in allergy season – and we want to clear out the sinuses, and airways with some simple solutions that will have a long lasting effect on your body (will also help with elimination!!)
That’s it! Super simple things, that will feel nourishing to your entire body, mind and spirit as we move through some challenging times together.
**Grab your oils, dry brushes, water bottles, oils from FGS!