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Hey friends!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about something that I have been *thinking* about recently, and fighting my way through. I am learning about certain things I am “feeding” my brain, and how those can either negatively or positively influence me. Having just finished a break with the internet, I am building my boundaries again for myself around using it, and what to fill my mind with instead of constant (many times, useless) information. I am sharing this week what I learned about mindset, and how we can shift some things around in there. 

Everyone talks about getting your mind right, but, if you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered “Uh…how?” Breaking repetitive thought tracks in your life can be extremely difficult, and today I have put together some basic beginner’s tips to making peace with your mind, and utilizing it to work for you, not against you.

Many of us battle our insecurities mentally far more often than we realize. What is something that bothers you or that you think about a lot? Maybe it’s even something good, like a goal, or being a better friend, etc. Sometimes these things can consume our mental space, without leaving room for being present in the moment. 

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Wake early and journal your thoughts, your to-do list, your most pressing matters. This is a great time to check in with goals and give yourself honesty and grace. Can you do better in a particular area? Can you try harder? Have you made progress? Recognizing these things can provide peace of mind and clear action steps to take (even if it just means to give it a rest!) 

Identify your most frequent thoughts. Why are these things popping up so much? Is there someone you need to apologize to? A project you have been procrastinating on? Perhaps you keep thinking of a certain person because they really need to know how much you care today. 

It is important to address our thoughts, and question them. Sorting and understanding why we think what we think can make the space we need to really gain traction in moving past certain things, recognizing roadblocks and getting rid of clutter that has no place in our lives. 

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This may be difficult in the beginning. It is developing a discipline just like exercise, or eating well, but it is vital for our growth and for giving of ourselves more fully to the things and people we love. I want to encourage you to keep striving for that mental clarity, that peace of mind, that mindset that is immovable. Rid yourself of things that are not serving your progress, but hindering it. Ain’t nobody got time for brain fog and confusion! 

Last but not least, as you remove things that are not worth keeping in your brain, fill those places with thoughts/ideas/information that fuels you. This may mean reading at night instead of watching Netflix, listening to a podcast that you really love, or asking questions even if you feel uncomfortable. There is always wisdom to be gained, and love to be shared, and growing to be had! Visualize yourself being free from mental garbage, and following your dreams wholeheartedly without insecurity or ugly voices speaking the lies that “you can’t.” That’s when you say “SEE YA LOSERS, THIS MIND IS FREEEEE.”

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Hoping everyone is having a safe and happy quarantine. Remember to check in with others, to virtually hang out, to serve where you can, and continue to grow. This is a weird time, but it can also be a very productive time. Learn something new! Break bad habits, build new ones!

FGS is here for all your immune system needs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Check out our current modified hours, and just a friendly reminder: we offer curbside pickup! 

Be well!!