Quarantine and Cupcakes

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What’s up, FGS fam?

We are feeling the heaviness of this weird virus season and wanted to check in with you all. How is everyone doing? 

It seems as though the media can be out to scare us all to bits, and not to say that we shouldn’t take this sickness seriously, but that we should continue to act in love and courage— not fear and selfishness. 

In light of all that is going on around us, let’s chat a little about some happy and productive ways to spend this time, especially as we practice social distancing. 

+EAT WELL: Eat all the good stuff during this time. Eat greens and bone broth and garlic and turmeric and elderberry and quality proteins. All of these things will help boost your immunity and continue to keep you functioning optimally. Cook, bake, make all the recipes you always wanted to! If you have littles, get them involved! If you have neighbors, share! Let’s love on each other in all the small ways. It doesn’t have to be this huge ordeal to uplift and support community during this quarantine // isolation. Supplement as needed. Please please please do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are still open!! 

+SCHEDULE: Make and keep a schedule for yourself and your family. Try to keep things organized and peaceful. That being said, this is a rare time to really indulge in all of the fun things that you don’t normally have or make time for due to other priorities. Now is the time to pour into your family, into new skills, into relaxation and fun. 

+SERVE: This may look different for everyone! For some of us it is really taking intentional time with our children, or getting your spouse or little ones involved in making cards or a meal for a neighbor who may really need it during this financially stressful time. Perhaps you can find some extra canned goods in your pantry, toilet paper or feminine hygiene products to donate to a local shelter. Many people/businesses are offering virtual meet-ups and workouts, etc for free. Is there a skill you can share with others online? Maybe this is your chance to start that blog or podcast or even just write that uplifting thought that has been on your heart on social media. 

ORRRRRRR… You could also make these AHmazing birthday cupcakes. That we carry all of the ingredients for.

I used the paleo/vegan Simple Mills Vanilla Cake mix for the base. I added a littttle bit of extra coconut oil/butter. Otherwise follow directions! For the frosting: chocolate chips, grassfed butter and tapioca flour + TEEENY bit stevia. I am so sorry I don’t know exact measurements for you all. Dr Google always helps me out in a pinch.  We sell Enjoy Life Chocolate chips which are wonderful. If you are vegan, sub sustainable palm shortening from Spectrum brand in place of butter. This frosting would be wonderful with the addition of some cacao powder. Then, do your sprinkle thinggggg. I happen to looove the Starfetti we carry so I like to go a lil heavy duty with that action. YUM. 

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