Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome, everyone!

Some days, when you are out of activities, you bake. My recipes tend to come from whatever I have on hand at the moment, and sometimes it’s a total dream, other times… well. Those don’t generally make it to the blog. The lesson to be learned here is *drumroll* IF AT FIRST YA DON’T SUCCEED, TRY AGAIN IF YOU HAVE THE INGREDIENTS, PATIENCE AND DETERMINATION IN THAT TIME. If not, it’s cool to try again later. 😉 

Today, I have a chocolate chip cookie for you, but one that is a bit more of the cakey variety. I will work on a recipe that is for the crunchier cookie folk, but for those that love the soft, sconey sort of cookie: this one’s for you!! 

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It could actually be made into scones most likely if you wanted. Howeverrrrr, it is picky child approved! And, could be made *healthier* with different add-ins, etc for a more breakfast/snack type cookie.  Ooo.. that would be a fun recipe to do. Would you all be interested in that? Drop us an email or comment on the Instagram post for this blog! 

So, here goes! Enjoy, everyone! 



+2 3/4c Bob’s Red Mill Paleo Baking Flour * 

+1 tsp Baking Soda *

+1 tsp Salt * 

+1/4 C Grassfed Butter * (take the plunge people, and stop messing around with Land O Lakes garbage—I have strong feelings about quality butter)

+1/2 C Olive Oil * (Nope, ya don’t taste it! And the oven is kept low enough so that it won’t hydrogenate. Can you say hellloooo brain food?)

+3 pasture raised eggs *

+1 C Maple Syrup *

+1 1/2 C chocolate chips * 


FGS has alllllll the ingredients… what are you waiting for?!🤩

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+Preheat oven to 350. Y’all know the drill. 

+Mix dry ingredients together gently. 

+Melt butter, then mix with olive oil in separate bowl. Slowly add in eggs and creammm together.  

+Maple syrup in the wet ingredients next! Adjust this measurement according to taste. 

+Incorporate wet&dry ingredients nice and smoooth. Don’t over mix. 

+Chocolate Chips last— again, adjust according to taste. 

+Chill for an hour or better even: overnight. 

+Divide into balls a generous tablespoonish size. Makes about 17/18 cookies. 

+Bake for 17-20 mins depending on oven. They spread out and make big cookies. Yum. 

+Once *slightly* cooled, inhale with a great cup of tea or coffee (yeah we have that too😉


Happy happy day to you all, live generously and lovingly and share your cooookies!! 

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