Breakfast Skillet

Happy almost weekend, everyone!

What has been the best thing about your week? Not going to lie, this week has been a rough one but, I have been able to spend extra time with my fam, which is an amazing gift. My son watches a sweet TV show called “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” in which they model kindness, independence, love and a whole host of other great qualities. It is wonderful to have something that is outside of us parents that is reinforcing the same things that we are trying to teach them. Anyways, they have a song in there that says “when something seems bad, turn it around and find something good.” This is not to diminish the frustration or pain in the moment, but to remember to pursue joy. So, a little reminder for us all! Choose joy, especially when it is the hardest! 

Today I have a super simple breakfast skillet for you all. We recently got our cast iron and i #cantstopwontstop making recipes with this amazing thing!! I LOVE IT. 

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This was one of those that was born from “whatever I had left in the fridge” which actually happens a lot and this time we had: bell peppers, carrots, chicken and aminos. 

You guys.. this doesn’t seem like much, but it was one of the most bomb breakfasts I have made in a looong time. 

I recommend keeping a variety of seasonings on hand, so when you run out of the fresh versions, you can still get the flavor and some of the nutrient benefits as well. 

I keep organic garlic and organic onion because I love how these can flavor up the dish instantly. Rosemary and parsley are some others that I enjoy. Thyme can yield a gentle floral flavor when paired with rosemary, and some sage here and there works well with citrus as it can have citrus undertones. Fresh herbs are always the best, but to keep some dried for when you’re in a pinch is alwaaaaays a good idea. Having a little herb garden in your kitchen is easy to keep going year- round and then you never have to buy dried! FGS sells organic seeds— this will not only save you money but it looks and smells beaaaautiful. 

Okay, onto the recipe!! I really did kinda wing this one, so it’s up to you to find your perfect taste in this! Leftovers would be awesome with a fried egg on top. This would also be delicious served over spinach. YUM. 

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+1lb Organic Chicken*

+1medium-large red bell pepper

+4-5 organic large carrots (I find that these have a much better flavor than baby carrots)

+Aminos to taste* (I had liquid aminos, but coconut aminos would be a cleaner option)

+2 tbls butter for pan

+organic onion, garlic, salt to taste

+1-2 tablespoons honey


  1. Heat pan on medium heat. Add 1tbls butter. 
  2. While pan is heating, chop chicken into about 1inch chunks. 
  3. Once chicken is chopped, add to pan. Salt lightly. 
  4.  Chop pepper, carrot into small bite sized pieces. 
  5. Turn chicken so that it becomes white in appearance on all sides. 
  6. Add second tablespoon of butter to pan with veggies, salt, garlic, onion. 
  7. Once veg is slightly softened, add aminos and cover for about 7-10 mins. Check it periodically and stir. 
  8. Add honey when everything is cooked through, but not mushy. Stir, then cover for another couple minutes. 
  9. Serve hot, with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee (we have it!) and your choice of dairy free milk. E N J O Y THIS BADDIE. 

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