Valentine’s Day Cookie Skillet


Hey fam!

As we gear up for chocolate heaven in a couple days, don’t forget it’s super awesome to buy yourself flowers😉 Not only good for the heart (hehe), but good for your home! Plants convert carbon dioxide (which we emit as we exhale!!) and turn it into clean, beautiful oxygen. I whole heartedly (okay sorry, I’ll stop) accept!! Let’s choose thankfulness and joy and love every day— not just Valentine’s. 

Today I have a fun recipe for you all, not one that I wrote, but adapted from Rachael DeVaux of  ! This was SO fun to make and even better that we got a little extra iron from the cast iron pan. 

I subbed her cashew butter for almond butter (although this would be amazing with coconut butter or peanut butter as well!) and used some stevia in place of maple syrup because that’s what I had on hand! She also adds collagen peptides which sounds *so dreamy* and if I make it again, I will definitelyyyyy do this!

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Rachael also includes a nut free version of this recipe, and both can be made vegan! To get a little bit more of that caramely taste, I used some ghee/butter as well as coconut oil. Love me some caramely chocolatey goodness. A fun tip: sprinkle Starfetti (we carry these darling sprinkles IN STORE🤩) on top before baking + extra chocolate chips for some seriously cute Valentine vibes. 

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Wish I was more crafty and had a cute *Valentine* card idea  for you all, but I do have a cool project (if you will)  that I participated in last year and was very humbled to do so! This is an article  with links to different children’s hospitals around our country. You can “sign and send” virtual Valentines to kids all over the US that will  be spending this holiday in the hospital. I gotta say, there is no room for “woe is me, my significant other didn’t do this for me” (yup, that’s been me) or “bummer, another Valentine’s spent single” (also been here, DONE THAT.) when there are precious littles ones that light up when a stranger sends them a Valentine. Gratitude, guys. It is SO beyond powerful. 

Anyways, do that!! And then bake this beautiful cookie skillet for you and your friends. Or you and your spouse. Or you and you. Oh also..I doubled it. Of course. 

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Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet – Rachael’s Good Eats! 

Enjoy, lovely people!