Staff Favorites

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We are doing something extra fun that we haven’t done in awhile: Staff favourites!!

Super excited to share what we love with you and why we love it!

ALLY: Ally, our store owner(!) loves anything with CBD. She find that it not only helps her with natural relaxation, but is an awesome anti-inflammatory saturated fat that helps post workout. She is super knowledgeable about our high quality selection so please don’t hesitate to call or stop by with any questions. And no, it will not get you high 🙂

ally staff fave


PAT: Pat loves the Now Solutions Vitamin C! Vitamin C carries a whole host of benefits. Talk about immune boosting! Not only that, but it helps stimulate collagen regrowth on your skin. Use the powder to gently exfoliate and let us know what you think! 

Pat staff fave

LAUREL: Recently added to the FGS array of goodies is our wine selection! We carry only organic or biodynamic wines and they are all delicious. Laurel’s favorite is the Des Haute Bordeaux Red that we have in stock right now. Pairs well with nourishing food, good friends, and joy.

laurel staff fave


SUE: Sue loves our vegan Sun Warrior Protein! This protein boasts absolutely no sugar, high in essential amino acids, good saturated fat and can be taken before or after workout. Talk about a quality product! Ask Sue how she makes hers! 

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VALLEY: Valley is an avid exerciser and loves our Mushroom Matcha from Four Sigmatic. Medicinal mushrooms can aid in calm, focus, energy, and even may be anti-cancer. Matcha holds it’s own with the antioxidant content it carries, making this an ideal blend for the athlete or someone on the go all the time. 

valley staff fave

ANNIKA: Our newest employee (welcome, Annika!) loves the New Chapter Workout and Recovery blend. This blend has a variety of things that aid in lowering inflammation in the body and supporting your optimum recovery. From New Chapter’s website: “[d]iscover a revolutionary 3-in-1 sports supplement that enhances daily fitness every step of the way—pre-workout, during workouts, and post-workout.” 

annika staff fave

SHANNON: Shannon loves our local chocolate from Immortal Mountain! They make everything at their home in Front Royal, and even grow many of the herbs that they put in their chocolates.  Her favorite is First Frost, a dark chocolate mint blend, sweetened with maple sugar. Drool.

shan staff fave

CHLOË: Chloë can get down with some high quality nachos! Luckily for her, FGS carries paleo(!!) tortilla chips that are also nut free! And some creamy, dreamy goat cheese! Her fave is the mozzarella but we also carry cheddar, country jack, and others! YUM. 

chlo staff fave

Now that you have your perfect shopping list for FGS, come on over and get the goods!


Thanks for reading and love from us all at For Goodness Sake!