Sweet Potato Fries

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Hi everyone!
Hope your week has been fabulous and peaceful!


Excited to bring you all this superrr simple sweet potato fry recipe. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful carb to add into your diet and are loaded with antioxidants (peep that orange beauty!!) and minerals. Quick tip: if you need more minerals in your diet, up your intake of root veggies and see if that doesn’t help! Because they grow down deep in the soil, they are able to take in more of those amazing nutrients from the soil. Plus, they taste great. I accept!!


One of my fave ways to eat root vegetables is to roast them (think: carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, beets, fennel can be nice) and put them under a chicken to cook with it. Then once it’s all said and done, blend the soft and delicious veggies with some of those beautiful chicken juices and make possibly the BEST gravy you have ever had. Sans flour, gluten, grains, all the  interesting ingredients that usually make it in there.


Post workout, I started with just chopping up a potato into a sort of fry shape (I am sure y’all can do a better job than I can). I tossed them with some coconut oil, ghee and sea salt. I think when I make these again I will nix the coconut oil and just use ghee. I prefer a more savoury taste on my sweet ‘tanos! Then add a lilll bit of sweet potato or potato starch (about a tablespoon) and coat evenly! You can actually omit the starch if you would prefer. This is the first time I made it with that (I wanted to try out something special for you guys:) And it tastes great both ways. My cast iron is my favorite pan to cook anything and everything out of and it did nottttttt disappoint. But use a sheet pan if you don’t have one of those! This serves one to two; it was a big sweet potato.

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One thing this recipe was missing was a really good sauce. A chipotle mayo would be amazing or my own version of a “1000 island” dressing. I will include that recipe below too! 

Let’s get chopping, my friends! 



INGREDIENTS (disclaimer: I wing this every time. I should really write out specific measurements. You know it is perfect when it tastes like you love it and the color is about a light shade of *salmon*)

+(Sugar Free!!) Avocado Oil mayo

+Organic Ketchup (nice to be sugar free here too, but don’t kill yourself. It’s not that deep.)*

+Relish! (I like Woodstock Farms or just chop up some bread and butter pickles really small)*

+Coconut Aminos (dash of! My secret ingredient!)*

+Dash salt, onion& garlic powders*


Mix it all up together. Adjust to your taste. Enjoyyyyyy! 

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+sweet potato*

+salt* (to your liking)

+1 tablespoon potato or sweet potato starch (for that crusty crust)

+2 tablespoons ghee

+onion&garlic powder to taste (optional)



  • Preheat oven to 425.
  • Chop up sweet potato!
  • Add oil, salt, seasoning. Mix.
  • Incorporate the starch thoroughly!
  • If using sheet pan, spread parchment paper down and then evenly distribute sweet potatoes. If using cast iron, nix parchment paper.
  • Bake at 425 for about 25-30 mins (check your oven! Some run hot!)
  • Broil for two mins to get that beautiful golden brown.
  • Let cool (briefly, you’re going to want to shovel these in) and enjoy with your sauuuuuce. YUM. 


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Blessings and be well,

Chloë and the FGS fam