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This week we want to chat about focus. What is your focus for 2020? Are you working on resting more? Giving more? Being more grateful? Or perhaps just working on staying on track…


Definitely something that many of us struggle with, retaining focus can be very difficult. Especially as the world of social media has made much information available so quickly/easily.


We have a few simple solutions up our sleeve as we find our way in this beautiful gift of another day! 




  • Saturated fat! Eat an avocado, make butter coffee with medicinal mushrooms (another great focus tool!) or just have some dark chocolate. All of these things, while each have their own individual nutrient benefits, will help the brain to be satiated and fueled for the next task.
  • Rosemary / cooking with herbs! Rosemary is called the herb of remembrance, but it doesn’t just help with memory. This amazing anti inflammatory herb not only smells incredible, but will help with alertness, and improving cortisol levels, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand versus getting lost in the little distractions. 
  • Greens! Purifying and energizing; I can never rave enough about the benefits of greens. FGS carries a wonderful brand of Greens Powder by Amazing Grass and I definitely notice a difference when I am not regularly taking it. Because of the greens’ detoxifying properties, you will notice less brain fog and more energy!


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  • Put your tech away, sit with yourself and pinpoint your why/goals/word of the year/ resolution: After you have a wonderful meal using your focus foods above! Get into the nitty gritty and lay some ground work for your bigger goals. Don’t overdo it; take it slow and come back to it for a few days so you can really get clear on what’s most important to you. 


  1. Post your why/goals/word of the year/resolutions around: the house / car / work! Remind yourself or adjust where needed. As humans, we change and it is no big deal to change a goal or put a different date on it, etc. Be gentle with yourself as you pursue your priorities out of love. 
  2. Take a small action step every day: Even if you go backwards, make a move in the right direction. This is very important. It is so easy to get discouraged, and if you allow that to overrun you, you won’t be making the progress that you want to. Give yourself grace, and keep moving. Sometimes all we can do is stand back up, and that’s okay!! 


Share your goals with us! We want to know and are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding setting goals, or helping you find the right food/supplement tools to aid you in your journey. Thanks for reading and I hope you find that this year is more challenging, joy-bringing, and life-changing than ever before!  Happy New year and cheers to growth!


Blessings and be well,

Chloë and the FGS Team