Dessert Round Up!

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Hey FGS fam!

I already love baking…and now we are in the season OF IT!! WAHOO! 

I am pumped for all of the baking, and today I wanted to share with you some wonderful recipes that are good and good for ya! 

  1. GINGERBREAD CUT OUTS: These Paleo Gingerbread Cookies from Taylor Kiser look so beautiful and DELISH. I am alllll for some fun cut outs. It’s extra hilarious when people don’t use “Christmasy” cookie cutters and just kind of do whatever they want…that’s my fave. You can go with a standard powdered sugar icing or use coconut butter + maple syrup. If you wanted a thicker “frosting” use sustainable palm shortening from Spectrum, and some paleo powdered sugar
  2. GINGERBREAD THICK BABIES: Thick and chewy and wonderful, these are the perfect cookies to sit down with a cuppa tea by the fire. SIGN ME UP. Michele Rosen of Paleo Running Momma has a ton of amazing recipes (never had one go wrong—always taste on point) but specifically loads of beautiful holiday recipes, which leads me into my next recipe:
  3. BUCKEYES: Another recipe from Paleo Running Momma, these Buckeyes look so dreamyyyy. These used to be one of my favorite Christmas “cookies.” I think you could easily sub peanut butter for the almond butter if you wanted it to be a little closer to the original. I think that keeping the alternative sugars is best though. It tastes better, and is better for you. 
  4. CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: I made up this recipe on the fly the other night! Attached below is a little graphic for ya on what to do. These are softer, caramely, and absolutely so yum. Perfect with a cup of Lone Oak Coffee (find it on the shelf at FGS) for an afternoon pick me up.
  5. PUMPKIN TRUFFLES: Not sure what to do with all your decorative pumpkins? Don’t waste them! Use some to make these! They will be the most decadent dessert on the table!
  6. N’OATMEAL COOKIES: I really love Danielle Walker’s cookie recipes. She really takes her time, and while she uses a lot of ingredients, everything I have had from her has always tasted fab. These N’Oatmeal Cookies are amazing with dried cranberries, pistachios and chocolate chips for a little twist! They would be beautiful with some light icing and some crushed pistachios sprinkled on top. 
  7. CHEESECAKE: Minimalist Baker comes through with a creamy, tastes-like-the-real-deal vegan + gluten free cheesecake ! If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of making a crust, simply crumble up some of our beautiful gluten free graham crackers with coconut oil and a pinch of salt. Press into the pan of choice and presto! You’re good to go. 
  8. CHOCOLATE SPICE CAKE: A recipe from yours truly, this is a superfood packed cake that is nourishing and tastes wonderful. You can keep the added superfoods in the recipe or omit—it is great either way! You can also crumble this cake, layer it with whipped coconut cream and raspberries and make a gorgeousss trifle. 
  9. SUGAR COOKIES: Okay, now y’all know I LOVE Michele Rosen. Here is her heavenly cut-out sugar cookie extravaganza which you need to get down with asap!
  10. FUDGE: Last, but not least, FUDGE. This is a winner no matter what event you go to or what time of year it is; people are always game for some fudge. Make up your own recipe or try this one! 

Have fun with these recipes, folks and let us know which ones you love!!