5 Skin Care Essentials




Let’s chat skincare for autumn…if you are anything like me you D R Y out. 

So one, let’s get into good fats for our skin. And two, I think detox can be neglected during winter. We are already cold, do we need to add to our misery? Thankfully, gentle skin detoxes can be a way to love on yourself and relax, which is also very important in our busy lives. 

What we put on our skin is hugely important. It is our largest organ and the one we do the most detoxing out of. It is vital that we take care of our skin, and aid it in the enormous amount of work and protection it does for us! 



  1. Olive Oil: +B O D Y+ : this amazing and luxurious oil has loads of antioxidants which makes it perfect throughout the day to protect against environmental toxins, and wonderful for the nighttime in aiding your body’s cell turnover. This oil is light enough so that you don’t look like you’re drowning in it, but also buildable for those extra dry days.   *be sure to buy extra virgin and organic if possible*
  1. Almond Oil: +F A C E+ : not sure if you have this little guy in your kitchen (although some do) but it is available at FGS for a great price! I love using this light oil on my face. It is a perfect carrier oil for some healing // skin protecting essential oils as well! This is perfect for your face, because it helps guard your skin against harsh sun rays as well.
  1. Coconut Oil: +FEET & DETOX+ : I think it’s hard not to love coconut oil. The benefits are astounding. A great skin tip? Eat a tablespoon of this every morning or blend it into a morning drink! This oil is amazing especially in the colder months when we are inside more and more susceptible to sickness. Coconut is just riddled with absolute nutrition gems. Antioxidants, fats that benefit your gut healing, and it can be used medicinally. This oil also aids in detox and can even be used in baths. *be sure to buy extra virgin and organic if possible*



  1. Honey: +FACE & ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT+ : Honey can technically be used anywhere on the body. The best choice is raw honey, and it is actually amazing because not only will it heal your skin (think dry patches, acne, scarring, etc) it will also cleanse and moisturize simultaneously. How cool is that?! Honey boasts a wide variety of skin benefits including the fact that it can help unclog pores, it is antibacterial + can improve brightness and skin condition. I could go on and on!! This is definitely something worth researching because it is just so marvelous.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar / Lemon: +ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT+ : Because both of these have active enzymes, they work on killing any nastiness that may be in your pores from environmental toxins to everyday stressors. They also work on balancing the pH in your skin which is huge when we tend to stay inside a lot during winter, and when we do go outside its such a dramatic and cold shift from what was a more stable temperature throughout our work days. These will set free impurities from your skin, so a couple lemons would be an awesome addition to your epsom salt bath in the evening. Plus it would looks absolutely lovely. Who doesn’t want to bathe in an aesthetically pleasing tub? *heart eye emoji*

Have a great weekend all, and take care of your skin!!


Blessings and be well,