Tidy Up Your Home!


Hey FGS Fam!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! I am so excited to wear sweatshirts. I have curated my collection and I love them all and I love wearing them all. It’s the little things, am I right? Seriously our world is an amazing place and taking those small moments to savor the weird leaf or the breeze on your hair can change your whole day. Did you know if you just smile it releases endorphins? Sometimes I remember that and randomly (and genuinely) smile to perk myself up. It’s like a mini shot of espresso…sort of. 

Anywho, with the change of seasons, it is a perfect time to reorganize, tidy up, and let go of some things that you really may not need. Here are some tips on keeping it simple and taking those first steps.


  1. Start with the things you don’t want to do: Hate laundry? Find ways to make it more enjoyable. A podcast to listen to while you fold, cute and beautiful baskets to separate the clean and dirty? Perhaps a quote in your laundry room that inspires you to do your best! tidygraphic2
  2. Get rid of things you don’t need or love: This can sometimes be really hard! It makes it easier to give things away to someone you love, or to someone in need. Tis the season! 
  3. Make small changes: don’t overwhelm yourself! Make a to-do list and put your top two or three things on it. This leads me to my next point: tidy as you go (and as you can!) Mamas, I see you and I feel you on the everyday struggle. Encourage your kids to join you! Make it a game for little ones, and it instills that sense of order in them. If your children are older, it make take a little longer, but keep it up in love and kindness! These habits will serve them and others well as they become adults and are also very empowering. Lead by example and it is never too late to change! tidygraphic3
  4. Schedule a day a week or a month for a deep clean: save a couple of the really big projects for this day! You know what it’s for, it is already on the calendar and you can even make it a fun thing! If you don’t like cleaning alone, enlist a friend or partner to join you. Make amazing food after and just relish the fact that you conquered something that you *so* did not want to do before! 
  5. Know what you need to have done daily: Make sure you know what you need to have clean daily in your home for your peace of mind. Set a timer, get what you need to get done an, be at peace with “clean enough.” This is not a cop-out! This is a means to release some of the pressure you may feel to have everything perfect all the time. tidygraphic1
  6. Host a party in your beautiful and clean home! That’s what they are for after all: community! Ps, make it a potluck=less dishes for you 😉