Calendula Salve

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Today we are going to dive right in and show you how to make Calendula Salve. You can swap out calendula for any dried flower or herb.



Calendula-infused Oil (click here to learn how to make this!)*


Essential Oils*


Salve tins*

*ALL available at For Goodness Sake!



1.Grab your jar of Calendula-infused oil and some cheese cloth. Warning, the next part can get a bit messy. You’ll pour the contents of the jar through the cheesecloth into the empty jar beneath it. Be sure to squeeze the cheesecloth to ensure that you get all the infused oil goodness.




2. Next, it’s double-broiler time! I boiled a few inches of water on the stovetop and placed a glass bowl on top of the pot (you can use stainless steel too). Gently pour the Calendula oil in to bowl, so that the boiling water can gently heat it. Then grab your beeswax to add to the bowl. I would recommend using beeswax pastilles because they will melt down faster, but beeswax blocks also work too, just try to cut them up before adding to the bowl.


3.Grab a spoon and stir that beeswax until it is completely melted. At this point you can grab an essential oil if you choose to do so and put in as little or as much as you’d like. I used Lavender Oil, which has soothing properties, so it pairs well with Calendula.


4. After everything is stirred together, pour the mixture into tins, or whatever vessel will be holding the salve. Be careful, it will be really hot at this point! Once the salve was poured into the containers, I added a few dried calendula flower petals to the salve for decoration.


5. Lastly, wait for the salve to cool and set. Then ta da, you have a super skin soothing salve perfect for a variety of skin conditions, like dry skin, eczema, chapped lips, diaper rash, itchy skin, and so much more!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let us know if you make you’re own salve, we’d love to see what you create!