Charcuterie Boards


Hey folks!

Fall is upon us (mostly!) 

Picnic + sweater season is picking up and we want you to know we have the snacks for you. Not just any snacks per se, BUT *BEAUTIFUL* AND DELICIOUS ONES.

I am going to keep it brief today friends and let the photos speak for themselves—For Goodness Sake has got your back! Get ready to wow friends and fam with your gorgeous *drumroll*….. CHARCUTERIE BOARDS.

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We have kalamata olives, dried fruits, pickles, a myriad of cheeses and produce, hummus, gluten free chips/pretzels/crackers and GRAIN FREE chips (ask us about grain free crackers too!), nuts, seeds, kraut, EVEN spreadable creamy garlic. I accept.

Literally everything you could possibly want except perhaps the tropical island you were hoping was at the bottom of that list.

Hop to it friends! Let’s relish the great outdoors as the seasons change! Post your charcuterie board on social media with the hashtag #notboardofcharcuterie and #goodnessboards and let us see what you create! Who knows, there may be a prize on the other end of this *wink wink*

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Just a quick reminder from your fave local health food store: exercise is awesome! Community is awesome! Pair them together? IT IS TRUE BLISS. Great for brain health, great for body health! That is something I will clink to! Oh, yeah, wine would be a good addition here too. But I didn’t need to say that? Right?

Pictured on this beauty (all of our produce is always organic):


-Pink Cripps Apples 

-Quinoa Crispbreads

-Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

-Kalamata Olives

-Woodsmoked Cheddar

-Goat’s Milk Mozzarella



Guys, I want to challenge you to get creative with this! Show us whatcha got! Add some edible flowers, some herbs, some citrus! This is perfect practice for Thanksgiving too. I give thanks for amazing food + friends! Stop by the store and let us help you build your perfect board. We are so excited to see what you come up with! 

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