Self-Care vs. Self-Accountability

Hey FGS fam!

Hope everybody is having a great week so far!

I wanted to chat with you all about something that is a bit of a hot topic, but it needs a revamp. 

This is something that is prevalent all over social media, can be an excuse not to do what we are supposed to do (not always but sometimes!), and it can get in the way of truly living your best life: SELF-CARE. 

Of course, I want to preface this blog post by saying that you need to know how precious you are— you don’t need anything extra. You are unique, you are a gift, you are truly a one-of-a-kind beauty.  You are capable, strong, and worthy.


But wait, why can self-care stand in the way of us really being our best selves? Here’s your answer. We often use “self-care” as a means of getting out of what we are supposed to be doing. It can become an all-consuming thing that can end up hurting others because the focus becomes so entirely upon ourselves.

Self-care can squash our accountability, and this results in us taking the easy route or putting things off that truly need to get done in order for us to feel at peace. Selfishness should never replace self-love. Here are some examples from a lifestyle blogger Kate Eskuri, : “‘I’m gonna skip my workout today because I don’t feel like it,’” [Note from Chloë: if you are not well, skip your workout. But I am all for pushing past that mental barrier that wants you to just sit and veg out when you could be really doing something that is absolutely so wonderful for you inside and out. Exercise can help you sleep better, feel more confident, and raise natural happy hormones which in turn help fight depression and aid in better social connections.] “‘I’m going to buy myself those shoes even though I know I should save that money.’ I’m going to eat [more] even though I am already full.’ And the infamous ‘ I LITERALLY cannot adult today.’ This is NOT self-love. This is NOT treating yourself. In fact, little by little and small decision by small decision- this is a gradual form of settling into a downgraded version of yourself.”

WOW. I don’t know about you, but I think you are worth so much more than that. 

Let’s make a habit change: self-love or self-care being less about what you want in the moment and more about what you need! Sometimes you need to put away dishes, sometimes you need a bubble bath with epsom salts (check out our selections! We also have dOterra essential oils to up the luxury of your bath + help combat any sicknesses!) Mostly, self-love comes from a place of wanting to be your best, for you and for others. Think about it! When your tank is filled (with good stuff! Exercise! Water! Veggies! Community! Nature! Good mindset around money) you are able to truly help others, and teach them to change in the best possible way as well. 

Having the confidence and knowing that you are sincerely achieving the most vibrant, confident version of yourself is unbeatable. The simple daily choices will build over time and cause meaningful growth to happen in your life. You are worth it, my friend! 

Accept where you are at right now and make the conscious decision to do your best for you and those around you by just starting! In case you didn’t know, at FGS we are happy to help you in any way possible. Give us a call, stop by the store, we want to support you in your lifestyle changes. I challenge you to seek discomfort (in the best way!) And to give yourself grace if you slip up. Trust me, we all do.