Calendula 101

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all staying cool during these dog days of summer.

For today’s post we are going to be talking about Calendula! These pretty little yellow flowers not only brighten up your garden, but also have lots of medicinal properties. Calendula is most commonly used for treating a variety of skin conditions, and with summer bug bites, scrapes, and sunburns in full swing, it’s a great asset to have in your herbal first aid kit!

Some benefits of Calendula:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Reduces Swelling 
  • Anti-Viral 
  • Reduces Scarring 
  • Soothing Properties Treat Burns/Sunburns
  • Treats Diaper Rash
  • Treats Eczema, and Acne

We’ve been growing Calendula at the Urban Farm I’m working at in Richmond, VA. Let me walk you through the process…

This spring we planted Calendula seeds in the greenhouse, then transplanted them to a raised bed outside once the weather was warm without risk of frost. It took roughly 3 months for the plants to bloom. At this point we went through and harvested by hand, then laid the plants out in a cool, dry place to dry out. Once the blooms are dried out they can be used to make tinctures, salves, tea, and more!

IMG_6181            IMG_6182


Want to incorporate Calendula into your First Aid Kit or Skin Care Routine but don’t want to grow it yourself? … FGS to the rescue! We carry a variety of Calendula products, from high-quality brands, like Oregon’s Wild Harvest and Boiron. We also sell dried Calendula petals from Mountain Rose Herbs in bulk so you can get exactly as much as you need for all of your skin care DIY projects. 


Have more questions about Calendula? Stop by the store and we’ll be happy to share more about the benefits of this beautiful plant!