Summer Salad


Welcome, friends!

So happy to be sharing with you all this week!  

I just want to encourage everyone who is fighting for that daily gratitude and presence(not always easy) and also continuing to press on towards their dreams and goals. Life is hard sometimes, and to all those who embrace it, I applaud you! I find it is something I am struggling with lately. Blessedly, I have little ones who remind me that all we know we have is the present moment and to really lean into it, and glean from it.

So, we addressed being present but how do you keep making moves toward your goals without allowing the future to steal your present?

Making intentional “you” time each week or each day a priority, is a fab way to begin. Take action steps during this time, be it research, to do lists, etc. This is a form of active self-care and it is hugely beneficial and very rewarding. 

If you are one of those that continually thinks ahead, make sure to write little post it notes for yourself or set reminders in your phone to be grateful for your present! Gratitude paves the way for clarity when thinking about your future and peace when you are focused on the moment in front of you. 

Now for our recipe! 

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This is a delicious summer salad— perfect for a party or a relaxing evening on the porch. It is a great source of greens, protein and all around gooood nutrition! Perfect for fueling your beauty bod after a day in the sun. Pair with fresh squeezed lemonade😍

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INGREDIENTS: (all ingredients found at FGS will be starred)

SERVES 2-4 (depending on how hungry you are/if this is a starter course or an entree)

-4 tbls coco aminos*

-2 tbls spicy brown mustard*

-squeeze lemon*

-1/2 med green pepper, diced

-15-20 org grape tomatoes, quartered

-1 mini org cucumber or half a regular sized one

-12 baby carrots

-2 tbls sunflower seeds

-1 tbls or so currants 

-3 big handful or 4 handful salad mix ( i used Supergreens which was a blend of kale, spinach, chard)

-goat cheese to your liking




  1. Mix dressing together.
  2. Chop veggies.
  3. Add salad greens to dressing and mix. Incorporate veggies, seeds, and currants. Add goat cheese last. 
  4. Serve! 

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