The Goodness Box

Summer is here and with that comes amazing produce! Is there anything better? Over the years, FGS has been really proud to offer organic and LOCAL produce to our patrons. In the past, we always bought produce in bulk from a local co-op because it is the most cost effective for us and YOU. The biggest issue we ran in to was the waste: from the card board boxes the produce came in, to the actual product we had to throw out from going bad. As a store that believes firmly in creating and maintaining sustainable practices that help heal our planet, we thought it was time to try something else…The Goodness Box!

The Goodness Box is a monthly subscription from a fresh selection of local an organic produce, packed and ready for easy pick up every week. A Goodness Box subscription I built to support your health and our local food system…and make your busy life a little easier! A Goodness Box subscription gives you access to fresh, local, and organic produce all summer long. You are also helping us reduce waste! A subscription based system allows us to order exactly what we need and we will be reusing boxes from our freight and other local businesses.

Here are the details:
– For only $27 per week ($108 monthly), A Goodness Box will contain selected seasonal veggies, herbs, and fruit boxed and ready to pick up at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods.
– Once you sign up, you will receive an email every Wednesday with the contents and origins of your weekly Goodness Box, as well as recipes! Pick up is every Friday!
– To subscribe to A Goodness Box, click below! Questions? Shoot us an email at
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