Pasta Recipes + Summer Self-Love

Hi friends!

Before we jump into the recipe, I wanted to give you all a few little reminders as we near the beginning of summer! Pools are starting to open, sunscreen is becoming a must, and anxiety is rising around shorts-wearing and bathing suits! Here are my suggestions to navigating self-love this summer:


  1. DROP THE IMPORTANCE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS AND STOP JUDGING YOURSELF AND OTHERS: Other people’s opinions about you don’t matter. What matters is being kind. If you give yourself the liberty to just be who you are, you hold the space for others to do the same. What freedom!
  2. YOU DON’T NEED TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY TO SHOW UP: You do NOT need to lose ten pounds to be able to enjoy yourself at that party, or the pool or to get that nagging little voice in your head out!  Just bring your tenacity, your joy, your kindness, your best brownies ever, your ability to see the best in people! Whatever it may be, fill in your personal blank. This leads me to my next tip:
  3. IT IS GOOD TO HAVE GOALS BUT NOT SO MUCH THAT IT ROBS YOU OF YOUR PEACE: Treat your beautiful body well because it is a gift, not because you are raging against it! Enough said.
  4. COMPARISON IS THE KILLER OF JOY: She may have a nicer car, nicer house, nicer bod, but let me tell ya she is not YOU! You are unique, you have exactly what you need right now, and you are enough! Walk in that truth— you will experience true joy.

I have two different ways for you all to use this new spaghetti from Cappello’s! Substitute any veggies in these recipes for ones that you love! 

  1. Creamy Cashew Cauliflower Pasta

cauli pasta 1 take 2


-3/4 C Homemade or Store Bought Cashew Milk *(We have raw, organic cashews that make amazing cashew milk!)

-2 Tbls Pastured Butter*

-1/2 Medium to Large Cauliflower

-1/2 Lb Frozen Broccoli* (or fresh!)

-1 Small Yellow Onion*

-1 Box Cappello’s Spaghetti

-Himalayan Salt*


-Boil water for pasta. Salt liberally. Follow box instructions for cooking pasta.

-After chopping cauliflower, broccoli, and onion in small pieces, add to pan with butter on medium heat. Season to liking.

-Cook until just before tender, then add the cashew milk. Lower heat to medium low and finish cooking veggies until tender.

-Slowly add this mixture to the pasta, stirring in between. Serve immediately.

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2. Chunky Kale Carrot Pasta

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


-2 Large Organic Carrots

-1/2 Bunch of Organic Tuscan Kale

-1 Large Yellow Onion*

-2 Tbls Pastured Butter*

-1 Jar Your Favorite Tomato Sauce (NO sugar!)

-1 Box Cappello’s Spaghetti

-Himalayan Salt


-Chop carrot, kale, and onion in small pieces, add to pan with butter on medium heat. Season to liking.

-Cook until tender, about 15 mins. Adjust timing and heat if necessary.

-Add sauce when veggies are cooked thru.

-When sauce begins to bubble, add pasta slowly; stir continually.

-Salt to liking and serve!

carrot pasta 2


Enjoy lovelies!


Blessings and be well,