Berry Trifle

Hope you all had a beautiful and delish food-filled holiday weekend!!

So grateful for all who have served to protect our country.


Our Instagram followers got a little bonus recipe on Memorial Day, and today I am going to share it with you! Be sure to follow or like us on social media—we share lots of updates on new products and wellness tips!


So, over the weekend for the first time I made a Berry Trifle!

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This was fun, easy, SO delish. It serves about 4-6. It is made with our organic berries, and Simple Mills paleo friendly Vanilla Cake Mix. It can be (coconut) whipped up super quick!

I love something refreshing like berries post grilled burgers! This was a huge hit and eaten up so fast! Stop triflin’ and make this recipe! Or…should I say: start trifin’?

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1 Box Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Mix*

6oz Black Berries*

1/2 Pint Blueberries*

1/2 lb Strawberries*

2 C Coconut Cream (buy coconut milk; put in fridge; once cool scrape coconut cream off top)

3/4 C Strawberry Jam*

1tbls Coconut Sugar (optional, for whipped coconut cream)*


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  1. Preheat oven to 350 and follow cake box instructions
  2. Whip cooled coconut cream and coconut sugar if desired.
  3. Chop strawberries 🍓 thinly!
  4. Once cake has cooled-crumble it uppp! This is the most fun step.
  5. Warm jam over stove and mix into the crumbled cake.
  6. Layer cake, cream and berries! Finish with a lil berry design on top, and save a tablespoon of jam to swirl with the whipped cream on top if you want! SERVES 4-6.
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