Keepin’ it Blaine and Simple

On the first day of this new season,  I decided to sit down and have a chat with the fresh boss babe of For Goodness Sake, Ally Blaine. We got deep and go into all things health, wellness, and Jonas Brother. Check out our interview below!

Chloe Sherrod: What would you say is your biggest life lesson from owning a business at such a young age? As a woman?


Ally Blaine: It’s only been five months, but what I’ve learned thus far, is that tomorrow is always a new day. Don’t hold on to the hard stuff, accept it, take action, move on. Tomorrow is a fresh start! Breathe through it, it’s all gonna be okay, it might be worse in the moment but it will all work itself out. As a woman I’ve learned to use my voice, and that we have more power than we have been lead to believe. I think owning a woman run business is crazy empowering in itself. Our little store is leading by example and showing other women/marginalized folks that we can do it all.


CS: What is the advice you would give to a woman looking to own her own business?


AB: Listen to your gut, envision what you want to do, but do your due diligence! Go for it if it’s something you’re passionate about, because if you really believe in it, there’s no way it won’t be a success.


CS: Love it. Going to quick switch gears here! What is your favorite drink of Spring?


AB: I loveee the Bluegrass Blue Ridge Bucha we have on tap right now! It is crisp, refreshing, and it makes you feel good.

CS: Okay, what are your top three snacks that you can’t live without? Supplements?


AB: Oo! The Sun Warrior Salted Caramel Protein bar! It has the texture of cookie dough and tons of protein! Love it. The spicy Nick’s Sticks are also a go to of mine. And I love the fresh pink lady apples we get—especially cold.

For supplements, Nordic Ultimate Omega or Omega Women’s. I can feel a difference when I’m not taking it, I don’t feel as good. Definitely CBD [Ally takes Bluebird CBD Complete Concentrate], for nighttime anxiety, it soothes my nerves so I can go to sleep, and I love it for muscle recovery— I am not as sore if I take it after I work out. And magnesium [Ally takes Bluebonnet Calm Magnesium Powder in the Unflavored] for sureeee, my sleep has never been as good since I have been taking it. I fall asleep immediately, and stay asleep. It also decreased the length of my cycle, and made it easier to manage.

CS: What are you passionate about?


AB: This is tough! I think passions change as we do. I think right now, my passion may be “selfish”. I want to build a life for myself that I enjoy, I thrive, I am healthy, and can help and empower others. I’m also pretty passionate about social justice, animal rescue, and ice cream.


CS: What is your favorite workout song right now? I am always looking for a new tune.


AB: Sucker by Jonas Brothers, to be honest. And really anything Snoop Dogg.


CS: Why do you choose a healthy lifestyle?


AB: I’m really grateful to have grown up in that environment. My brother and I were blessed to have been in sports all our lives and had access to good food. I’ve never really known anything different. Because of my healing from my body dysmorphia and eating disorder my lifestyle looks different than others and no one lifestyle works for everybody.  Ultimately you want to feel good. I have found a lifestyle that supports me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It’s taken a lot of trial and error but I feel really balanced. Find what works for you!


CS: What tips would you share with someone looking to begin a healthier lifestyle?


AB: I would just say to start slow, pick one thing to change! Then everything sort of falls into place. For example, just start with taking a walk for 15 mins every day! Don’t overload yourself with info, and remember that there’s not one way to eat that works for everyone. Figure out what works for your body and YOUR LIFE.


CS: I think it is so important for it to work into your life too, sometimes we can overload ourselves with stress about doing “all the right things” but just giving ourselves grace and figuring out how to fit it in with our own personal lifestyles makes all the difference.


AB: I agree!


CS: How do you hope to grow this season?


AB: I want to continue to embrace my new life! As a business owner and this new person I am becoming!. Loving who I am for the first time. I am really excited for this fresh start and next chapter.


CS: What is your biggest hope for the store this season?


AB: My biggest hope for the store is to get more and more of the younger demographic in, and bring in some new services! I want to do a veggie co-op, I want to do more events, especially outside! I want to be more involved in the community, so that the community can be more involved with the store!


Keepin’ it Blaine and Simple with the new owner of For Goodness Sake Natural Foods. Let’s follow this beautiful earth’s example and continue to usher in change and growth. Happy Spring my friends!

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