Change Your Morning, Change Your Life

Hi friends!

Let’s get deep.

Lately I have been struggling with comparison, and it is stealing my joy! I absolutely hate it, yet sometimes I find myself doing it without even stopping to think “Is this beneficial? Am I harming or healing myself?” I have decided to put an end to it, and that means seriously limiting my time scrolling on social media. What a WASTE.OF.TIME.

What do you do first thing when you wake up? If you take immediate intentional time to set the tone of your day, I applaud you. I try, I really do. But suddenly, I am scrolling Instagram or Facebook to wake myself up, checking my notifications as if somehow my self-worth will be found in the amount of likes I have when I open my eyes. I am not discounting social media for its ability to connect people, and build businesses, but our mornings (or lives) should not revolve around it.

Please join me in changing your life and setting your day up for positivity and joy. Let it just pour out of you! There are many ways to start your day with love: reading, exercising, or perhaps with one of these drinks? See below for ways to continue your nightly detox into the morning (mentally and emotionally.)

  1. LEMON WATER: Delicious, nutritious and is an incredible asset to prolong your detoxing.  This drink will hydrate, deliver much needed antioxidants into the body, and the vitamin c not only helps your immunity but also aids in producing collagen as well! Win win!


2. GREENS: I use Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Greens Powder from FGS and I absolutely love it. It is energizing and deeply cleansing.  I often recommend it as a pre-workout, because of it’s long lasting plant energy. Taking greens powders will totally change your game. Mix it in water or grapefruit juice. I cannot say enough good things about it so I am going to stop myself and you can come ask me at the store or comment below! I am there every Saturday and also take 10 min consultations.


3. BUTTER COFFEE: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE butter coffee. This amazing little concoction will last you until lunch- it is so intensely nourishing. The saturated fats help your brain to function optimally, as well as keep your joints lubricated, which is huge for athletes. The magnesium in the cacao will keep things moving, and the butyric acid in the butter line your gut and help prevent Leaky Gut. I make mine with pastured butter, cacao, grass-fed collagen, almond milk, maple syrup and coffee. I usually add cinnamon and turmeric too!


Drink one, or drink em’ all—just take time for yourself. Change your morning, change your life.

Love to all!

Blessings and be well,