Get Your Glow On!

Hey, friends!

I hope everyone is making the most of their week thus far! Love on your neighbor, love on yourself! It really is the little things that make the most difference. Daily, intentional love!

In case you didn’t know, FGS carries clean makeup// skincare lines! I am going to do a little product HIGHLIGHT on one of my favorite pieces we sell. This baby is not only moisturizing, but it has an incredible glow that can be subtle or striking!

Meet cocokind skincare’s sunrei golden highlighter!! This beautiful highlighter can be used to accentuate, and is buildable as well as deeply rejuvenating for skin.


Some of the featured ingredients:

-The Reishi mushroom is anti-inflammatory, making this product ideal for acne-prone skin, and also aids in keeping your skin clear of environmental toxins.

-Calendula extract is from a light and lovely flower, which may help speed up the healing process in skin conditions. It is also used in many natural wound salves.

-Sunrei gets its beautiful color from minerals – no nanoparticles to be found!

-And the mango seed butter, castor seed oil and jojoba oil keep skin moisturized, without a heavy or greasy feeling. Nourish your skin, without sacrificing color = clean beauty at it’s best!

Not only are you adding beautiful golden dimension to your face, collar bones, or shoulders (truly this is safe to put anywhere!) but you are also putting ingredients on your skin that you can feel comfortable wearing all day, without any carcinogenic/ endocrine disrupting repercussions.


I found that while using this highlighter, I get the most compliments on my skin compared to when I am not wearing it, and it has helped clear up my postpartum acne. That is huge for me, because I eat cleanly, drink water and really try to get good sleep, as well as exercise. If you are finding that no matter what you put in your body to fuel it, and your skin is not clearing, it may be time to look at what you are putting ON your skin.


Because our skin is our largest organ, most of our toxins are excreted through it. Let’s do our beautiful bodies a favor and use clean ingredients on our skin and hair! It may be that last little puzzle piece you needed to feel your best.

Sending love and glowy vibes to all! Stop by the store on Saturday and I can give you a demo of how to apply this glorious gold!


Blessings and be well,


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