Resolve Your New Year’s Guilt

Hi beautiful people!

I am so grateful to be here and for this amazing new year.

Guys, we woke up this morning. What a huge blessing!

I am here to chat today about the new year and the guilty feelings it can carry for some (I know it did for me) especially as we near the middle of January.

As I sit here and sip my hot chocolate (oooh yeah baby— recipe coming soon!) I reflect on my past and how I felt if I had any foods that I considered “off limits”, I would begin to plan my workout in my head for immediate completion upon finishing my treat. THAT IS NO WAY TO ENJOY FOOD.


There is so much shame and guilt that descends on us right after Christmas! We carry it into the New Year using it as motivation to achieve our goals. Losing weight, cutting bad habits, and forcing ourselves into this weird punishment cycle if we mess up.

Disclaimer: goals are amazing.
Losing weight, if you are doing it lovingly, is AMAZING.
Having an extra workout because you ate a doughnut is not healthy. Having an extra workout because we love our bodies because they are a gift IS healthy. You’ve heard it a million times? I’m going to say it again: there is no one like you. You are unique. You are a gift. Treat yourself as such!

After all, you know yourself best. Find what works for you this new year and give yourself grace as you navigate getting to know yourself better and making your schedule suit your needs//goals. Stressing about meeting insane expectations we set for ourselves can not only discourage us, but can actually block the healing properties of our foods and exercise,depleting us even more!
If exercising more was one of your goals, try out different places! Most gyms and studios will give you a free trial class. Don’t be afraid to ask for it!

If eating better was a resolution, try swapping out candy for fruit and sweeter veggies. There are so many amazing options out there for food; take some time for yourself and find which ones you love. Meal prep is a great way to save money and make sure that you are fulfilling a goal that is important to you, without the anxiety of “the meeting is going overtime and the office ordered in pizza for lunch —what do I do?!” Don’t be afraid to say no to people too—don’t allow others to guilt you into eating/doing something you just DON’T want to eat/do.

Think deeply about your resolutions, revolutions, goals, and motivations this year, and try to do these things for yourself out of love. Changing your mindset slowly but surely will yield more lasting results, as opposed to beating yourself up for what you consider to be a mistake. Remember that it is just another day to strive to be the best version of yourself!

Be well,


2 thoughts on “Resolve Your New Year’s Guilt

  • January 16, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Chloë, I love this reminder to be kind to ourselves when we slip up! Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track but not beating ourselves up about our human mistakes is what inevitably makes us stronger! Well said 😊

  • January 17, 2019 at 6:56 am

    Great reminders that we seem to forget! Looking forward to the hot chocolate recipe. 😬

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