Specials for the month of September

Our list of specials for this month is out! See below.


Flamous Falafel Chips: 10% offSeptember-specials-blog

Skin, Hair, Body Care

Annemarie Borlind ZZ Sensitive Series Skin Care: 15% off
EO BIG Soaps and Lotions: 20% off
Senzacare Bamboo Hair Brushes and Toothbrushes: 15% off


Megafood Line Drive: 20% off
Nordic Naturals Children’s Line Drive 15% off. Includes Baby’s DHA, Children’s DHA, Complete Omega Jr., Complete Omega-D3 Jr., DHA, DHA Xtra, Nordic Berries, Nordic Omega-3 Fishes, Nordic Omega-3 Gummies, and Prenatal DHA.

Sunwarrior Berry and Mocha: 20% off
NOW Essential Oils: 20% off. Includes peppermint, lemon, and orange

See you soon!