Homeopathic remedies for dogs

Dogs get sick, hurt, and sad just like humans do, and we often resort to giving our four-legged friends medicine from the vet. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there are alternative options when it comes to treating our pups for all sorts of things in the form of homeopathic remedies.Dog remedies

A Dogington Post story last year listed some natural methods for treating injuries to our dogs, including the use of arnica for bruising, calendula for cuts and wounds, and rhus tox for sore and stiff joints.

When it comes to our dogs’ mental health, nature provides lots of ways to make him or her happier. Flower essences in various forms can be given for stress relief and anxiety. Rescue Remedy, for example, helps dogs rest, relax, and cope with stress-causing issues.

For Goodness Sake has many natural products for dogs. Next time you’re in, ask one of us how we can help your favorite pup feel better.