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Delivery Schedule*
Monday - Dog/cat food
Tuesday - Fresh milk, produce, MTO Kombucha, Fresh Local Prouce
Wednesday - Fresh eggs
Thursday - Fresh lettuce, Great Life dog/cat food,
Fresh beef, pork and chicken
Friday - Fresh Sami's breads, fresh eggs, produce, MTO Kombucha
* Call us at 703-771-7146 if you need something special.



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For Goodness Sake
108 D South St SE
Leesburg, VA 20175-3732

We have been doing business in historic Leesburg, VA since 1985 on the Lower Level of Market Station - A Restored freight station of The Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Railroad.

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9-7 pm Monday - Friday
9-6 pm Saturday
11-5 pm Sunday

We Recycle!

We recycle any papers, bottles, packaging that the store produces or receives from vendors that can not be reused.  We take our shipping materials that we receive from our orders and give them to the  UPS store, in Leesburg, to reuse.  We also use BPA Free Credit Card AND register paper.

Helping Customers Lead Healthier Lives Everyday at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods


Our Mission at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods is to promote healthy living, one person at a time. We love our community and support other local businesses and farmers by selling their excellent products. The great staff at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods are extremely conscientious about the products purchased for the store and therefore, for our customers. Our store is a safe place to buy groceries, supplements, skincare/cosmetics and pet products for the whole family.  We make an effort to keep ingredients of our inventory free of chemicals.  We believe shopping should be fun and easy. Shop with us and experience a "great day" at For Goodness Sake Natural Foods.

You can find most of our product brands listed on this website.  Take a look at our new and local products, make a comment , or ask a question. Make sure to check out our events page to see what might be happening in the store. You can also check to see what people are saying about their shopping experiences with us.



Fresh Organic Produce Delivered 1-23-2015

Delivered Friday 1-23-2015 From Shiloh Farm, Tuscarora Organic Coop and Sami's Gluten Free Bakery

Happy Chickens Make GREAT Eggs

From Tuscarora Organic Coop 

Delivered From Tuscarora Organic COOP

  • Crimini Mushrooms

  • Portabella Mushrooms

  • Baby Kale

  • Baby Lettuce Heads

  • Baby Mustard Greens 

  • Yellow Onions

From Sami's Gluten Free Bakery - Fresh Bread!

Sami's Bakery Gluten Free Breads


FRESH Delivered Organic Produce and Products

Delivered Friday 1-16-2015 From Albert's Organics

Just Delivered Friday 1-16-2015 from Alberts Organics

  • Pesticide Free Honey - Really Raw Brand

  • Organic Japenese Sweet Potatoes

  • Organic Bananas

  • Organic Salted Butter

  • Organic Fullfat Cottage Cheese

  • Organic Turmeric Alive Pinaple Elixer

  • Sunday Bacon - Applegate Brand

  • Organic Sour Cream

  • Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

  • Yogurt - Full Fat Organic Greek and Plain 


FRESH ORGANIC produce delivered 1-9-2015 

Delivered Friday 1-9-2015 From Albert's Organics

Delivered 1-9-2015 From Albert's Organics

  • Organic Broccoli

  • Organic Garlic

  • Organic Lemons

  • Organic Turmeric

  • Organic Ginger

  • Eggs - Pastured, Grass-fed and Kosher

  • Organic Cottage Cheese

  • Bacon - Applegate Brand Sunday Bacon

  • Applegate Brand Black Forest Ham

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Ginger Snacks

  • Organic Jacob's Raw Brand Classic Sauerkraut

  • Organic Full-Fat Sour Cream 

  • Coconut Water from Taste Nirvana - with & Without Pulp

  • Organic Full-Fat Yogurt from Seven Stars

Delivered Friday 1-9-2015 From Tuscarora Organic Coop.

Delivered on 1-9-2015 from Tuscarora Organic COOP

  • Organic Baby Spinach 

  • Organic Baby Mustard Greens 

  • Uncle Matt's Organic Tangerines

  • Organic Red Onions

  • Organic Mixed Carrots


Fresh Organic Deliveries and Jan. 2015 Monthly Specials 

Delivered Wednesday 1-7-2015 From Albert's Organics

delivered 1-7-2015 from Albert's Organics

  • Organic Apples

  • Organic Bananas

  • Organic Yellow Ginger

  • Organic LemonsSORRY SOLD OUT

  • Organic Cottage Cheese

  • Eggs - Pastured, Grass-fed and Kosher

  • Alo Appeal Brand Aloe Juice Pomelo & Pink Grapefruit

  • Bacon - Applegate Brand

  • Organic Hot Dogs from Applegate Organics

  • Pre-Packaged Lunch - Turkey and American Cheese

  • Pre-Packaged Lunch - Ham and American Cheese

  • Organic Sauerkraut from Jacob's Raw

  • Coconut Water from Taste Nirvana - with & Without Pulp

  • Organic Full-Fat Yogurt from Seven Stars

Delivered Wednesday 1-7-2015 From Tuscarora Organic Coop.

delivered Wednesday 1-7-2015 from Tuscarora Organic Coop

  • Organic Sweet Potatoes

  • Organic Green Baby Kale

  • Organic Crimini Mushrooms

  • Organic Baby Spinach - SORRY SOLD OUT 


AnneMarie Borlind LL RoseDew Series 10% off

Garden of Life Kind MultiVitamins 20% off

Now Essential Oils Lavender, Lemon, and Tea Tree 20% off

Megafood Acute Defense and Vitamin C powder and tablets 20% off

Himalyaya Koflet Lozenges

Himalaya Koflet 10% off

Oxylent 20% off

Just Delivered Fresh Ricotta Goat Cheese from Shiloh Farms Farmstead Organics

Photo of Shiloh Farms Ricotta Goat Cheese from - Featured Item


We now Carry Healingherbs Flower Essences

 We are now carrying Healingherbs Flower Essences of Dr. Edward Bach from Flower Essence Services (FES)!
This wonderful company is dual-certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic. All of the plants and flowers used for the remedies meet these qualifications through careful wild-harvesting and product preparation — these are the highest standards in the world for sustainable land use.

Bach Flower Therapy helps the individual to remove negative emotional and spiritual patterns which are blockages for the healing process.


We Now Carry Healingherbs Flower Essences